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  • What dose Izelias Chocolate mean ?
    When started with the idea for a chocolate business, We wanted something that's very personal to us. so we incoparated both our childrens middle names to get Izelias.
  • Why are some of our chocolates different from the pictures ?
    “Everything we make is all done by hand and with some of the techniques we use, it makes it very difficult for them to look exactly the same everytime. However, they are still just as delicious!
  • How do i need to store my chocolates ?
    Choclate is best to be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to keep it happy. We do not recommend refrigerating our products. For the best experience, please enjoy within 10 days of receipt, and let us know your thoughts”
  • Do you use tree nuts, peanuts and soy in your chocolates?"
    Some of our chocolates do contain both products and they are present in the production room, so our chocolates and chocolate bars may contain NUTS & SOYA
  • Is your chocolate Fairtrade?
    We use Fairtrade Certified Callebaut Chocolate. It’s the best for everyone, you receive the best end product and the cocoa farmers get their fair share because without their hard work, this chocolate wouldn’t be available for you to enjoy.
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